Hero Rummy Offers 100% Welcome Bonus Cash up to Rs.5000

Sign up (it’s absolutely FREE!) and play your favorites 13-card games on our awesome user-friendly and attractive interface. We’ll be bumping your account up with bonuses from time to time, of course! We’re breeding heroes here – and we take their perks pretty seriously.

Still got inhibitions? Now here’s the real kicker – Rummy has been pronounced as a Game of Skill by the Supreme Court of India. There are absolutely no prohibitions imposed by Indian laws on playing online rummy games. In other words, Hero Rummy is not only safe as a house, but playing here is an entirely legal activity with very happy consequences: real chances for winning cash prizes and giveaways!

Hero Rummy offers you an excellent user interface which is inclusive of helpful popups and alerts giving you info during and between game play. The site also considers internet disconnection issues and goes into Auto Play mode for 5 chances if your connection drops during a game. Moreover, our remarkable Artificial Intelligence technology ensures that your game is in the best possible stage even when you get disconnected mid-game.

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